Effect of Trench Method of Sowing In Sugarcane Crop in District Lakhimpur-Kheri


  • Pradeep Kumar Bisen


Sugarcane Crop


Sugarcane is one of the important cash crops in district Lakhimpur Kheri. It occupied more than 3 lakhs hectare with avg. productivity of 818 q/ha. During training programme farmers had discussed about the germination and lodging problem in sugarcane setts in village- Sujaikunda, Block-Ramiabehar, Then during interaction, trench method has been advised to farmers. After that farmer had realized that germination percentage increased 70-80% which was previously 35-40%.It was due to better contact of sugarcane setts with the moist soil. The depth of trench is one feet and one feet wide with interspaces of three feet and it resulted into reduction of lodging with more appropriate support from crop base as well as ample scope for better intercultural operations. The increases in cane yield from 960 q/ha to 1200 q/ha have been recorded (25% increase in yield) with approximate horizontal spread of this technology 122000 hectares in blocks like Ramiabehar, Dhaurhara&Ishanagar.

Author Biography

  • Pradeep Kumar Bisen
    Pradeep Kumar Bisen, S.K. Vishwakarma, M.Suhail, S.Singh, N.K.Tripathi and J.L.Gupta KVK, Lakhimpur- Kheri (CSAUA&T,KANPUR)